Saturday, July 16, 2011

“Okay easy.. one step at a time" [Short Fiction]

“Okay easy.. one step at a time.. you will be fine” she could almost picture that scene. She was a little girl and she felt her sponge feet land on the ground and she suddenly stretched out her hands in a final attempt to balance and thud she landed on her bum and burst out into a cry. When you are a two year old you just cry for evident reasons. You fell on the floor hit your tiny bottom and that made you cry. That cry was not for the inability to walk. The cry was the fear of experiencing the same pain if you attempt the same activity again. She felt two soft hands rub against her cheeks wiping out the tears. And she heard,” Okay easy.. one step at a time.. you will be fine”

As she walked along the wide spread magnificent beach she felt like a little girl again. This sudden memory of the early childhood seemed to fit into her current life -real well not as a little girl but as a young adult. ”Okay easy step at a time.. you will be fine”. A smile spread across her lips as that line played on her mind.

A beach walk was a remedy to fix gloomy days her gloomy days. An attempt to to throw away her worrisome thoughts into the water and watch them sink. Was she trying everything too early? Too hard or too fast?? Nothing grave happened. But there were so many plans and no priority chart. It was a war between fulfilling fancy wishes and becoming a sensible grownup. It was like army of things to do, things to buy, things to save. One step forward meant moving an army ahead. And every cancelled, postponed plan felt like one army man dead or injured. Injury similar to that thud when she was learning to walk. Should she cry? Instead she laughed. Looked at the waves… rushing towards the shore. Crest by crest. Step by step. She walked and it played again on her mind, ” Okay easy.. one step at a time.. you will be fine”

P.S: If they story appears little vague- it was a deliberate effort. :P


Chintan said...

I liked the first para a lot :-) tiby bottom :-D

Ambika said...

I love this, I can so identify with this feeling of having sooo many things I wish to do in so little time. And I wish I hear "Okay easy.. one step at a time.. you will be fine”.. it would be nice!

S said...


Sameera said...

@Chintan- Thanks!! :) lol.. don't know why I wrote that.. but helps on visualize better :P

@Ambika- "Okay easy.. one step at a time.. you will be fine" here you go. From someone on the same boat. :)

@S :)

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