Monday, July 18, 2011

Captured Writings!

This is about another project I am involved with. I have teamed up with an excellent photographer friend of mine (Ashish Arora- Ashish Arora Photography). My job is to bring out the story from the pictures captured by him. Hope you all enjoy our little experiment with creativity.

Here is a para from the first story "The Best Art" with the Photograph:

Amidst the sea of expressionless faces and distracting waves of fake expressions were her eyes. Eyes that were soothing because of their genuineness and enigmatic because of the tales they revealed. Her sight set in a downward glance but not looking down but looking back. Looking back at her life or memories or brunt dreams that have slipped from her eyes to the Kohl smudged eye contours. Was it sorrow? It wasn’t. Was it pain? Maybe. Was it a silent display of achievement – any personal victory? A tinge of accomplishment could be traced. But it was more. It was beyond the general classifications of happiness or sadness. It was a whole gamut of emotions delicately held in what seemed like windows to her soul.  Her feminine hands framed her eyes, her thoughts with a grace that only a woman can display.

(c) Ashish Arora Photography

Click here to go to our page and read the full story 


Muhammad Israr said...

great talent... maybe someday i would copy and paste some of your lines on the pics of someone special :P

Vivek said...

Nice Sammy :)

will be Great read that side of you :)
ATB :)

Ambika said...

Nice! Looking forward to Ashish Arora's photographs and your words framing them!

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