Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Spirits- Part1 [Short Story]

This a story about the modern Indian young adults and Arranged Marriage melodrama. Here is a part of the piece- 

Gaurav was pissed with every thing associated with his existence- his job, his formal clothes and his mom’s determination to get him a bride. He decided he needed a break from it all. He rushed to Bhaati his best buddy. Bhaati like always had a plan. No matter what the complexity of any situation was Bhaati would invariably end it with one solution – Drinks! This time too he winked at Gaurav- “High Spirits is the new happening pub. Let’s see if the place can fix your mood and I heard that place is flooded by beautiful women.” Gaurav was cynical,”The last thing I want to do today is meet women. I almost feel like I was born to do just that and its sickening”. His reaction didn’t surprise Bhaati. He had helped Gaurav sail over twelve prospective brides. Tension, discomfort, anticipation, hope and dislike- it was regular cycle. He asked with mocking sarcasm, “So who is the lucky thirteenth girl?” Gaurav responded in a monotonous tune without an iota of excitement,” Some Mitaali a techi girl, works with Wipro. Mom as usual thinks she is very beautiful, the miss goody two shoes. I haven’t even seen her and mom is already taking her side. She asked me to get a haircut done for tomorrow can you believe that?? ” Bhaati snatched the keys,” Listen Bro, I want to be alive so let’s not mix your mood with the drive. I’ll drive while you can sit back and sulk”

Some place else..

“God Nitz I need a break. I need a drink today. No matter what I do I cannot seem to avoid this melodrama every month. It’s like I am put up for sale and all the losers ahem ahem sorry.. all the most eligible bachelors will line up see me.  I need to see, meet and talk to random people. Random people who would not want to know if I can cook, if I like pets, wear jeans or skirts or the worst of all- they won’t ask questions on my virginity! Nitz..? Nitz..? You there?”

“Hell ye-a-h! I was waiting for the record to end. You pick the phone expecting a greeting but woah! Anyway.. Drinks eh? I can’t do this every time you know....

(c) Ashish Arora Photography

To read the complete story visit our page - Captured Writings- High Spirits-Part-1
Part2 Scheduled 27th July
Part3 Scheduled 30th July


Saru Singhal said...

Sounds very realistic...Nicely written

Sunil Padiyar said...

Hmm... Interesting.. will look forward to the next piece..

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