Friday, July 15, 2011

Dream of growth

Have you ever felt an incredible urge to grow? It is funny but something like how "The Hulk" transforms into a big invincible creature. Do you have these enormous growth pangs? After one small feat which many would call an achievement do you see yourself at the end of a cliff from where you need to take a big leap to become the something better? Does that hunger and restlessness make you toss in your bed? Does it strain your neurons to a limit that they are tuned to think nothing else. Do you feel that inability to sit because you are empowered by an enormous will and desire? Do your feel like screaming your lungs out? Do you feel like a runner waiting for the gun shot- waiting patiently for the right moment to unleash your thoughts into motion? Move with all the speed  you have got?

Do you feel your two hands firmly resting on a big rock- pushing it with all your strength? The objective - is not moving the rock. It is to feel a higher energy level. A higher form of you. Do you have a dream? A dream that is not the destination. A dream is that is the journey. A dream that is the burn. A dream that is the need. A dream that is the realization to grow. A dream that is the growth. And contentment is the death.

P.S: The post is multicoloured. 


Sunil Deepak said...

I have an incredible urge to grow thinner. Unfortunately I seem to be becoming grown up version of Hulk with too many enormous growth pangs. Hunger and restlessness do make me toos in my bed. Speed, what is that. I have an uncontrollable desire to lie down and rest! :)

Adam said...

Dunno what you meant by multicolored.. But totally related to this.. Well-written yet again Sam! :)

Sameera said...

@ Sunil Deepak- "I have an uncontrollable desire to lie down and rest! :)" Hmm.. now many be that's a higher level. :P [Welcome to the blog!]

@Adam- Multicoloured because I made someone else read and I realized it can be interpreted in more than one way.
:) Thanks!!

Defiant Princess said...

"A dream that is the realization to grow. A dream that is the growth."

love those two lines!


ashish said...

This one's so cool!!!

S said...

I have felt all of this.

And the feeling of being stopped. Of being deterred. Of being slowed down. Of being like a balloon that slowly inflates.. increases in size and somebody comes and pokes it. *burst* there you go! ~sigh~

am not trying to discourage you.. just penning down what came to my mind..

Sameera said...

@Defiant Princess- :) Thanks!

@Ashish- Thanks!

@S- No no problem at all. But my faith tells me- no external force can stop this. If at all there is a halt it is internal. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Growth is important. It is a must. But contentment, in its most appropriate sense is not contrary to growth. It is 'growth inward'. It may also arise out of a state of having no desires and it may also be explained as pure stagnation of being.

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