Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morning delight!

 I step onto the asphalt roads
As little crystals hug green leaves
The warm sun gently rises
A sacred morning it delicately weaves

Sunlight dances on the Gulmohar petals
As the road is carpeted with fallen flowers
A mild drizzle plays on my skin
As I am blissfully treated in these early hours!

A light whiff spreads in the air
As morning scent playfully sprays
Oh colours so vivid, a delight to eyes
Stunned by the beauty I mutely gaze!



aakash said...

mornings are always so serene, so pure...
I could relate to the whole poem :)
And you know, I have almost similar shot of the flower that you have used in the post..
gud mornin :)


S said...

I like the mild drizzle playing on the skin :)
Perfect "good morning" :)

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

wow wht nice morning ....i hv start my morning read such a kind of post!!

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Sammy ,

The Gulmohar flower picture and the poetic essence made , paints perfect picture the drops water comes live in front ..very nicely written ..lovely.

Happy Easters and have a great weekend :)

take care

Sameera said...

@Aakaash- Yeah.. mornings are a blessing!! :D Good morning!

@S- Good morning! :D

@Vish- Thank you Vish!!

@Vivek- Hey!! How have you been??
Thank you!!

You too take care!

Amropali said...

Being a morning person I can absolutely relate to what you wrote.
It is indeed a beauty!

p.s: Your comments on my blog are so encouraging. You are very generous with praises. Thanx for dropping by. :D

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