Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A recitation

Bliss locked up in its gentle fragrance
When earth dipped in rainy cologne
Each flower, each leaf adorned a diamond bead
Like lovers gift after a long adjourn

I step out and breathe a new air,
See the earth, still asleep like a new born
The rain in the dark, cast a mystic spell
To decipher it’s symphony in the morn

The imprints on the ground
Trees pining for the rain that’s long gone           
Enchanted by recitation of a tale
In the drizzle at the break of the dawn!



Smiling cherries said...

awesome pic :) and an awesome poem !!

S said...

reading your blog after long time.. and i love how you have started using rhyming words :) LOVE it :)
i also reallly liked the way you said 'rainy cologne' :)

Raksha Bhat said...

A drop of water brings more joy than a diamond bead and only a poet like you can bring that feeling in words:)

aakash said...

Fresh and smells rain... I love tht smell..
Nice read.. :)

Adam said...

nice one Sam.. :) "rainy cologne"

Sameera said...

@Manasa- Thank you! =)

@S-Thank you! And welcome back! =)

@Raksha- :)

@Aakash- Thank you!!

@Adam- :)

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