Friday, August 26, 2011

Love-is in nature!

Love will spread open- like the endless sky
Brushed with crimson-pastel hues
One will grow wings, till, one can fly
Restrained no more- nothing to lose!

Love will fall like a withered leaf
In a silent life- dead, still, as a lake
A motion will set in a pleasant relief
For one is a lover- in wait, of the wake

Love will shimmer on everything- which, one is
Like the setting sun- that shines on the wide sea
Warmth, a cheer, will put one at ease
As long one can let -love be!


P.S: I have been asked a million times about my inspiration for  all the love poems.. one of the inspirations is nature


Adam said...

aah.. finally the inspiration is revealed.. :P
Nice poem, loved the last stanza in particular.. :))

Yuvika said...

As long one can let -love be! I loved this line!

deepbaazigar said...

Wow...nice poem..I loved it...

deeps said...

loved it..:)

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