Saturday, December 4, 2010


Emotion is the best thing that happened to humans. It is marvellous how we can sense, read and understand the emotions of every person we see. We need not know them personally. We need not be close to them. Still we would know. The most beautiful aspect of it when these emotions spill. Have you ever caught a glimpse of someone you didn't know but you can tell is very happy, someone who silently wiped tears in the public but it just caught your eye. Someone you didn't know. Did it tug your heart pull a string or two? Did you smile when you saw them being ecstatic? Did you worry a bit when you saw someone cry or feel sad? Was there a moment when someone stood up for themselves and it inspired you to do the same? Were there moments when someone was very generous and you in turn were generous to them? Someone picked up a fight with you when you never intended to and then you fought?You didn't know them but their emotion rubbed onto you. Happiness and sadness are the highest and most common forms of expressing emotion. See little deeper and you find a million shades.There are more emotions than we are capable of expressing in words.  I don't know how that works. I'd like to understand them us colours. Each colour a emotion. Like no colour can be good or bad. No emotion can be good or bad. Each emotion just a different shade.At times you like a colour at times you don't. Same is with emotion. And these colours the emotions. They leave back their shade on every interaction. The colour of emotion rubs onto everyone we see. In turn their emotions are being rubbed onto us. When a beggar tries to gain your sympathy and becomes successful at it. He is just using this aspect of emotion. He displays self pity and it rubs off onto you. You feel sad for him. You give him what he asks for. This is just one example. There are countless others. Look around you many more examples. Even every one sided love story that ended in triumph. One's emotion spilled onto the other. You might argue it is not always true. It is true. The thing you call as negative emotion. An unwanted emotion. I'd say. Is still an outcome of someone's thoughts along with our own giving a shade of emotion that pains us and others. We have these wavelengths of colours we can accept. You have the power to choose these wavelengths. You can identify a colour you do not wish to be rubbed on to you and move away from it. You can. But never underestimate the power of this spillage. If you remain in vicinity of those colours (emotions) it will spill onto you, You can't help it.  Thats how it is. The only power you have is to choose the wavelength of colours. People who can keep spilling these emotions. The emotions you want. The emotions of the colour in your acceptable wavelength. Someone very rightly said -Life is a canvas and you have to throw all the paint you have got on it. I'd say. Make it a brilliant spillage of all the colours you love. A spectacular mix of emotions you desire.


Adam said...

fantastic post.. Well written Sameera.. :)

Ranjana said...

I loved the last two lines!!

Sleepingcow said...

Brilliantly written. Like the thoughts.

Susan Deborah said...
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Susan Deborah said...

This post left me thinking of so many small incidents in life that made me feel good. Thanks is all I can say and I do agree with Adam: "Fantastic post!"

Joy always,

Hopeless Romantic said...

your writing have changed a lot...more mature...what's the reason?

Sameera said...

Thanks :)

Glad you did. :D

@Sleeping Cow
Thank you.

Thank you Susan. :)

Yep yep. :D
The reason.. just discovered a way to express myself better.

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