Thursday, December 16, 2010


Out the most frequently used English words - change would definitely clinch a decent top ranking. All we have learn't about change is being open to change. Being adaptive. Not being stuck in a rut. I understand being paralyzed by same things, same situations and thoughts is bad. It is. But what if you are the kind that cannot succumb to regularity? If change is all you could do? Some people would term it as reckless, random and strange or plain lack of will when we fail to do certain things repeatedly. Some say we should have a little determination to hold on to things for a while.

But what if change calls to you. Change like a wave lures you to stand in that beach on the shore. Each wave of change adding a little more to your life. Each wave of change washing over your feet and leaving you little different.You feel the sand slipping and making a new ground with each passing wave. You suddenly realize you are no more standing on the same sand. Sometimes change becomes a wave that meets resistance and it splashes and erupts against the rocks. But what if it leaves a tingling funny feeling like a wave-froth on your feet that makes you smile? And what if you can't resist standing in that beach, looking at each wave and anticipating what it would feel like to float away with it?

What if you just keep losing interest in a place, in a person and anything you like? Too quickly. Unknowingly. Without pain. Without Guilt. And what if you are the kind who changes at an unacceptable pace?


Susan Deborah said...

Change is the only constant thing in our life.

Joy always,

Sameera said...

So true.

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