Friday, March 29, 2013

Astrology Disturbance [Non - Fiction]

Have you ever had that moment when your eyes slowly drift to the Astrology section and you tell yourself it’s a childish sneak peak and you obviously don’t believe in astrology? If yes, this post is for you.

“Don’t have intense discussions with your spouse.” 

“Stick to your guns. You will find a new job. A sibling will cause trouble.” 

“Good inflow of cash.”

“Control your expenses”

Oh! That’s like somebody is closely observing my life. “A New job” really? I haven’t yet applied but may be they will just call me in to join from tomorrow. 

Now can you finish reading the astrology section with the prediction made just for you your sign? What’s the fun if you don’t read the prediction for the sign of your Spouse/Family/Friend?
And so the mix and match of predictions give you some meaningful input about how your day is going to be- more like a weather forecast that may or may not be true.

I read through the profile of a famous astrologer who claims to combine the principles of Vedic and Western astrology, I-Ching, Tarot, Numerology, the Kabalah and even Palmistry. The right combination of these principles enables him to make highly accurate and relevant predictions. Moreover, naturally gifted with a spectacular intuitive prowess, he listens to and relies on his inner voice, and seeks Lord's blessings to foresee and predict.

Please note – inner voice. 

I mean who is this person who is taking it upon himself to predict the days of every living being on the planet?  And prediction- mind you is only the first step- the real juicy nugget is the cure. The cure is supposed to provide relief for the problems in one’s predicted life. Of course before that you will only have to shell out a few thousands in a personal special prediction to understand that you will earn very little in your life. Well, that’s a nice guess that has a good probability of being correct! If you have the money to spend on astrology boy you are going to be out of cash. And this man/woman who looks at you intensely sells you a ponzi scheme. “Spend Rs40,000 on this pooja and mind you it will be specially performed for you with silver idols and your income will increase.”  

Shall you fall for it... This very person will add a new dynamic little later. “Oh you just had a kid who was born in the 10th house with Rahu. Your income is got to be affected. But we can negate it.” 

By now if you are furrowing your eyebrows thinking.. not all astrologers are bad. Not all of them demand money. Agreed, but one thing they do is- all of them predict. We have seen doctors- who at times after clearing all the scans say – I cannot diagnose what you have. But every astrologer.. will predict.  There is never  a case where he/she will say- “my inner voice is silent today and zup! I have nothing for you.”

For the discussion sake lets say all astrologers do predict. Now I bring in the concept of interference. Astrology  Astrological corrections interfere with our lives. Yes, they do.  I am a strong supporter of a belief – “Everything happens for a reason”. So I can’t help but feel that the pooja’s and astrological corrections are making alterations to my future without completely understanding that they are spoiling a much bigger plan. What if my life has a bigger plan which an astrologer cannot fit into his/her checklist of good life. Imagine somebody would have looked at Gandhi’s kundli and said, “Lot of fame. But a life full of struggle and a tragic end.” None of this is false but it leaves a lot unsaid. The suffering was voluntary, was done to meet a purpose and brought lot of inner peace (probably).  Now if some poojas’ were to be performed on reducing this “Struggle” and had these poojas’ been effective as claimed... The person wouldn’t have lived his destined life. See how much potential the God has put in his life and an astrologer did a pooja and interfered with a plan beyond the scope of his understanding.

Our life is written or described in a crazy language which all the astrologers claim to know. In fact all of them are mere interpreters of the messages.  Like some poem written in Persian when translated to English not only misses its true poetic essence but also loses the originally intended meaning astrology too provides a description of the predicted life from the biased and skewed mind of the man/woman who is playing the role of the interpreter. Even if you find an expert you cannot reproduce the thought of the poet.

We are the beings whose poetry of life is written each day through multiple things touching our lives. Why ruin it for a poor translation? Be a part of the bigger plan. Do what your inner voice asks you to do.


matheikal said...

Each one of us is the master of his/her destiny.

Nice writing.

Red Handed said...

If we had the guts to actually hear our inner voice...wudnt life be just perfect?
Your posts always make me think.

Dhanya said...

Guilty as charged. I ALWAYS have to take a sneak peek at the astrology section and then later on claim it's all rubbish :D But I usually do it at the end of the day to see how accurate it is lol. And it never usually is. So yes, you are the master of your own destiny. Well written post!

Sameera said...

@ matheikal: Thanks for stopping by!

@ Red: :) It still wouldn't. It's not meant to be :P

@Dhanya: Thank you :)

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