Thursday, February 28, 2013

A cup of ecstasy [Poem]

Unabashedly it flirts with my senses

As my hand wraps around it, lifting it in the air

Its aroma promises a ghastly affair

I will indulge, give in, I have no win, I am aware

Yet, I let it slip through my lips, onto my tongue

Little spice and a bit bitter, I feel deliciously numb

To the ecstasies of, a hot cup of chocolate

Oh! Who didn’t succumb!



Red Handed said...

I DO SUCCUMB....Every single time!!
amazing!! Both the lines and the choice of pic!!!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Mmmm..delicious! Nice to see you back at blogging, Sam.

Keirthana said...

Oh that awesome feeling!!!! Yummylicious :)

Until later,
Keirthana :)

Susan Deborah said...

Welcome my dear Sameera.

I always succumb and make others around me succumb as well.

Hope all is well at your end.

Joy always,

Sameera said...

@RED- :) Thank you!!

@Corinne- Thank you Corinne! :D

@Keirthana- :D

@Susan- All well Susan! :D

Ambika Suman said...

Had you not put that picture I wouldn't have guesses what it is until the last line :D Gooood one!

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