Saturday, December 8, 2012

Morning Dew [Short Fiction]

(C) Ashish Arora Photography

Dear Lorven,

I received your letter and I didn’t know how to respond to it until today. Forgive me if I have made you feel forlorn or your love unrequited. But being a woman on the brink of love is like having a stormy wind inside the heart which rattles all the windows to oneself.  She usually needs time to untangle and rationalize ‘love’ which she complicates in ways, which only she can understand.

 As I walk here, through these fields, wearing pristine white, I feel as fresh and alive as the earth that has woken up to a warm sunshine. The day lures me with its splendid possibilities -tempting and teasing me to look at it with dreamy eyes, to wish, to hope, to fall in love and to have faith.  My dear, you are like that golden hue I see in the sky - full of marvelous promises. I feel like a little bird getting ready for the first flight, I dream to spread my wings open and long to fade away into the bright sunshine you speak of. I wish to look at beauties of the diamond studded grass, the orange, the yellow, and the majestic landscapes with love brimming through my heart. And I long to escape to a different life, a life beyond the boundaries of self into togetherness and oneness - into a life where the horizon between the earth the sky fades, a life in which ‘I’ resonates to something more precious.

Yes, your love is ruling my heart right now.  And, I am humbled by the majesty of this emotion. I am amazed at how the world is full of multiple layers. It’s beauty unraveled by the depth of emotion with which one looks at it. My dear, I am looking at it right now under the magnifying glass of love and passion. I see a synchrony of lucid emotions that delicate, yet gracefully hold every breathing being as the world spins in fouettes. I am reborn into a new life with the supremacy of love.

I feel like leaving everything behind right now to take a leap forward- to submit and to discover more.  I have no fear, no concern nor a care of how it is all going to be. For my heart has commanded that I fall in love- deeply and truly.


Written as a part of Captured Writings


Sankara Jayanth said...

I simply have no words. I was spellbound reading this. I think I never read a more eloquent expression of a woman's love.

Red Handed said...

Everytime...every single time... You are amazing!!

ABTC said...

great post
thanks for sharing

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