Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crib Post

Irk and irritation is running deep under my skin.  When I shoot angry looks at friends and loved ones for no reason and mumble swear words beneath my breath I suddenly wonder- What the hell happened?

Well, I don’t know what started it all but it has been over a month now since I have been unwell. I went on from vomiting everything I ate or drank to being admitted in hospital for about five days getting discharged only to come back to the hospital for a minor surgery to get rid of the abscess formed due to negligence of the hospital.  I don’t remember the day my bowel movements were my own business, when my ass cheek (where the abscess was) wasn’t bared every day to get traumatized with the pain of nursing a post surgery wound. 

When I cried and cringed with pain someone informed me that there were worse things. I don’t get that relativity. All I know is I haven’t been able to sit, sleep or walk properly for a while, or even take a good shower and got my body cut on an Operation Theater because a fucking nurse didn’t poke the injection in the right manner. I felt like grabbing a knife and digging it in their skin to leave an inch and half deep open wound just to see if that person would stick to the theory even now. From my experience I’ll tell you, it is not the best of the things to advice people when they are on a hospital bed.

I don’t pick the calls. I want to be left alone because I tired of telling everybody what happened and how I am doing now. Some would click their tongues, “Can’t you be thankful, that there are people who love you?” I am thankful and grateful in a very deep way but what I am NOT thankful for is how I ruined the fun of everybody around, transforming all my loved ones in little nannies and guardians running to look after me like I am helpless  little baby sitting in poop. 

Enough said. Now I am officially/finally done with the cribbing. 

Wishing myself a happy speedy recovery!

P.S: Comments are off. And don’t you dare send me “Oh! Get well soon” mails. Honestly, I know you people care. I am very blessed- just, not the right mood to receive that love.
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